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Our basic services are simple. Bring your dog in for a stress-free bathing or grooming experience. Can't decide which service is best for you? Learn more below about the differences.


Commercial-grade equipment, automatic shampoo/conditioner systems, high velocity dryers and all the tools you need. Unlimited Self wash - $30/month



From individual bathing to monthly maintenance plans, we have lots of options for bathing services.



For a quick trim or full-service hair cut, we have groomers that will make your dog look their very best


Microbubble Treatment

Our microbubble treatment will give your dog a deep clean to alleviate itching, allergies, and skin problems.


Check Out Our Microbubble Treatment

For dogs with sensitivities, skin conditions, or who want to be extra clean!

What's the difference between self bathing and bathing?

With self bathing, you bring your dog in to our store and bathe them yourself using our equipment. We know it can be hassle to try to bathe your dog in your bathtub at home or a kiddie pool in the backyard. Why not enjoy our large commercial grade tubs and automatic shampoo/conditioner systems that make bathing a breeze? Your dog deserves to be pampered in a calm and relaxing environment. There's no better place than Fur Lab!

If you're on a tight schedule or just don't want to bathe your dog yourself, drop them off at Fur Lab where we wash them. Our experienced and caring staff will handle the whole bathing process from washing, drying, brushing, ear cleaning and nail trimming. 

What's a monthly maintenance plan?

We offer two monthly maintenance plans - Unlimited Self Wash and Unlimited Bath & Brush. With the Self Wash plan, you get unlimited access to our state-of-the-art self-wash facility for just $30/month. 

Our Unlimited Bath & Brush plan helps keep your pet's coat looking and feeling great between grooms and includes unlimited luxurious baths and thorough brushings to keep their coat in tip-top shape - perfect for breeds prone to matting, like doodles.

What if my dog has sensitivities?

We have a Microbubble Package for dogs with itchy skin, sensitive skin, or skin problems. It is a chemical-free specialty wash that your dog is sure to love. This process uses only air and water to provide a deep clean into the pores of the skin. It can even help with skunk odors! 

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