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Our microbubble treatment package is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin or skin conditions of any kind. We pride ourselves in offering this service in the area so that all dogs can be pampered no matter their skin condition. Fur Lab is the best place for a microbubble treatment in the Edmond and OKC metro area!

What is the microbubble treatment?

The microbubble treatment is a specialty wash that doesn't use any chemicals or soap. Instead, a machine generates microbubbles, tiny negatively charged bubbles, that attract sebum, dirt, bacteria, and other impurities from the pores and wash them away. This treatment truly deep cleans your dog's skin instead of just washing the surface. 

Who is the microbubble treatment for?

This treatment is for any dog! It specifically works for dogs with chronic skin conditions because no chemicals or soap is involved. It cleans deep within the pores on the skin, allowing the skin to heal and reform without dirt, impurities, or infection.

The treatment is also great for dogs with allergies, mites and mange, bacteria and fungal infections, parasites, alopecia, and more. You may want your dog's skin deep cleaned for a host of reasons. If your dog was attacked by a skunk, they will benefit greatly from a microbubble treatment.

Dogs that are really dirty or old will experience the best cleaning they ever had with a microbubble treatment. You can bring your dog in for a microbubble treatment every once in a while to enjoy a clean and healthy dog. It can even help reduce shedding in your home.

Can the microbubble treatment help with chronic skin conditions?

Yes! Microbubble treatments can help your dog heal a skin condition because it deep cleans the skin, allowing it to heal without infection. Treating the skin from the hair follicle is the best way to promote development of healthy, new skin cells.

How often should my dog get the microbubble treatment?

For dogs with chronic skin conditions or conditions they want to heal, we recommend as often as every week to ensure their skin stays clean and healthy. Otherwise it is also good to regularly have your dog deep cleaned, even if you frequently bathe them in between treatments. 


How does it work?

The microbubble treatment works because of the tiny, negatively charged bubbles. These bubbles attract positively charged bacteria, sebum, allergens, dirt, and other impurities and draw them away from the skin. This leaves your dog's skin completely clean.

The treatment involves your dog sitting in a special bathtub and a special machine creates the microbubbles. It can take around 30 minutes to do the treatment depending on the size of your dog. 

The best part? The treatment is completely painless and will alleviate your dog's itching and suffering from skin problems. 

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